Update 4/4/2018

Hi all!

I'm back from vacation and looking forward to spring. Unfortunately the warmer weather means summer is fast approaching, and so is the original goal I set for this game.

I started working on DR on June 22nd of 2017, and at that time set a very ambitious goal of completing it within the year. As all you game devs know, though, that's a lot of work and not a lot of time, especially for a first-timer like me with a small team. 

Considering all of this, I am pushing back the game's release date to the end of August. The extra two months will be mostly for QA and beta, and will only help ensure the quality of the game. I hope you all can understand, and that you'll continue to keep track of us as we go!

All that being said, we're actually on good pace for the game. CGs are 2/3 done, both Sophia and Aine's route have been rough-draft coded, and I'm reviewing the script for Logan's route. We're entering the editing phase of game dev, so keep an eye out for sneak peeks!

Thanks for reading,


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