Weekly Update - 2/12/2018

Hi all!

Going to be a short and sweet update this week. We're chugging along on the rest of development and have almost reached the 2/3 mark! I've started coding the rest of Aine's route into the game and we're meeting weekly word count goals for Logan and Sophia. 

Even better, we'll be starting on the rest of the CGs next week. I'm super hype to see how they come out.

All in all we're aiming on finishing development in the first week of May. That way we'll have the rest of the month and to review with an editor and beta testers. If you're interested in beta-testing a route, keep an eye out! I'll be making a post about mid-April. 

Thanks for reading!


Weekly Goals:

Coding: Looping choice conditions

Coding: Up to day 21 on Aine's route

Monthly Goals:

Finish Logan's and Sophia's scripts

Get Diplomatic Relations


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