Weekly Update - 2/5/2018

Hi all, Farryn here!

It's been an amazing week and I am so grateful to all of you who have posted, tweeted, liked, and reviewed the demo. We've received a lot of fantastic feedback and this week I want you to know  we're listening!

Unfortunately you can never please everyone, but there are a few common(and really good) comments  we've gotten that we've decided to address. 

1) Have some sort of reference for characters in-game

You get thrown at a lot of characters really fast in the intro of the game. That's intentional, as it's representative of what the MC is going through at the time. However, it can be difficult to keep track of everyone, and so we're going to be adding the character sheets to the in-game gallery for you to look at at any point. The character sheets will unlock after the MC learns that character's name. So if you don't see a sheet for a character who appears, don't worry! You'll find out who they are later. 

2) Character names are difficult to read in the name box

Short and sweet with this one. We're looking at changing either the font or the design of the name box for better readability. 

3) More choices!!!

First, I would like to say that DR will be a kinetic novel in the sense that there will not be multiple endings per route. This was an intentional decision on my part, as I wanted to keep the game within a scope that I could complete in a year. That being said, choices!!! We will definitely be adding more choices in the prologue and the game as a whole. Instead of having a singular choice at the end of the prologue determine your route, there will be several "tone" choices that will give points to one LI over the others. The final choice will remain the same, and it will contribute more to an LI's points, but depending on your earlier choices the MC may take a different path. 

We will also be adding some looping "investigation" choices. These will be for those of you who want to interrogate the characters and learn more about the world, but they can also be skipped if chosen. 

In addition, there will be twelve choices in each route that affect the affection circle in the lower-right of the textbox. At each of the six ticks a bonus scene will be unlocked from the LI's POV, and can be found in the additional content screen. 

And that's it for right now! We're planning on releasing an updated demo in the next month or so, so keep an eye out. 

Oh, and one more thing - I'm opening a patreon!

There are two tiers of rewards:

$1 - Get access to weekly lore posts in which we'll delve deeper into the history of Hania, the continent on which DR takes place. These post will never contain spoilers for the game, but will involve the world as a whole. I've put up one post for free as an example.

$3 - You'll get access to the lore posts as well as bi-weekly posts of concept art for the characters. Curious about what Logan's ball outfit will be? This is the reward for you. 

Every little bit helps, and it will all be going towards making this game the best it can be. 

Thank you for reading!


Weekly goals:

Bugfix: Continue button loads first save slot

Coding: Unlock conditions for the additional scenes

Monthly goals:

Finish Logan's and Sophia's scripts

Get Diplomatic Relations


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"First, I would like to say that DR will be a kinetic novel in the sense that there will not be multiple endings per route."

This is a bit misleading. A kinetic novel is a VN with no choices whatsoever. I think what you mean to say is that once you get on a route, the plot is linear from that point on?

That said, I loved the demo prologue and I'm looking forward to the full game!

There seems to be some debate about what qualifies a VN as kinetic. Personally I agree that it's not kinetic if it has choices, but some of the comments we had said it was misleading in the other sense, so I wanted to clarify the no multiple endings at least. Either way, thanks!